My DIOR Experience
March, 2017

It was my very first Dior show in Paris. Needless to say, I was beyond excited. Having been a fan of the brand from time immemorial, being able to attend one of their shows in Paris no less, was undoubtedly one of those “pinch me” moments in life.

Taking place at Paris’s Muse’e Rodin, I arrived a little before the show was to begin. However, as they were not letting guests in just yet, we took the opportunity to take pictures not just of myself ( I know what you’re thinking) but also, of the people that were waiting outside. Let me tell you, one of my favorite parts about attending shows during fashion week is all the “people watching” we get to do.

From the world’s most renowned fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song to random fashion lovers ( like myself ) parading up and down the streets in the most eye catching and sometimes garish outfits, waiting outside show venues gives you a glimpse into the craziness that is fashion week. I watch as the photographers wait and snap away as bloggers, guests and celebrities start arriving. The buzz is always electrifying.

Once inside the venue however, a different kind of energy awaits you. People from all over the world start slowly making their way to their seats in a very orderly manner and there is almost this air of unspoken “coolness” that exists.

You watch and wait for the venue to fill up, with the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry arriving last of course. This is your chance to get a glimpse of all your favorite celebrities. I have to say, I was really bummed that I missed my biggest bad girl crush Ri Ri this time around but nonetheless, was more than thrilled to have met Anna Dello Russo and model, Chantelle Brown-Young, who was super sweet and friendly to boot.

Once the show starts however, everyone’s eyes and phones are instantly glued to the runway only. The show is so quick, its over before you know it. You’re trying to take it all in and at the same time record every moment on your phone, It’s an exhilarating few minutes to say the least.

My verdict for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s sophomore collection: Young, modern, fresh, feminine and pretty with a sense of masculinity all at the same time. The collection was undoubtedly blue with a range of clothes that could take you from day ( jeans and jumpsuits ) to night ( evening gowns in the most beautiful embroidered galaxy prints.) My favorite part was the black beret that accompanied each look that came down the runway. So badass!! I loved it and mean it when I say, “I would wear every single piece in the collection”. You sometimes attend shows that are so beautiful and visually stimulating on the runway but when you really think about whether you can actually wear the pieces off the runway, it starts to get harder to translate to reality. With this Dior collection however, I could honestly see myself in all the pieces, mixing and matching them with other existing pieces in my wardrobe.

I really feel like this is such an exciting year for women and I could not be more proud to see a woman helm such a prestigious fashion house and do it with so much spunk and grace. When I bumped into Maria Grazia Chiuri herself over lunch at L’Avenue the very next day, I just had to go up to her and tell her how wonderful her show was. She thanked me and then complemented me on my outfit even. Needless to say, I left the short conversation an even bigger fan. It’s moments like these that truly make my whole fashion week experience worthwhile. Being able to meet and talk to the people behind the scenes, who are moving and shaking the fashion industry as we speak are experiences I will always treasure.

Merci Dior for the opportunity of a lifetime and thank you Maria Grazia Chiuri for proving yet again that women can kick some serious butt and do it all with class and humility.

Now, when am I getting my hands on that black beret?


Photographer : Paulius Staniunas | All Is Amazing
Hairstylist : Shaun Yap | Hairplay