My Love Affair With Louis Vuitton
March, 2017

Having already attended 2 previous shows at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, I have to admit, this time around was a little extra special for me. It was the first time a fashion show was held right smack at the central sculpture atrium of The Louvre. The idea of being part of this historic moment alone gave me goose bumps.

Seated between 17th and 18th century sculptures and a multi level runway had me thinking all kinds of thoughts. One of them was of course, “how in the world are the models going to navigate their way through the runway?” Luckily, the entire collection only featured low heeled boots. ( another plus point cuz I can so see myself in several of the pairs while lugging my kids around)

I left the show on such a high. From the models to the music to the depth of materials to the rich patchwork fur pieces, I was seriously on a visual high. I had to take a few moments to really take it all in.

Nicolas Ghesquiere – I love you. You made me pay attention to the brand again when you introduced the Petite Malle in your debut collection ( one of my favorite bags in my entire bag collection by the way) and you continue to capture my heart season after season.

The clothes made me feel all “rock n roll” and that if I were to be in one of the pieces, I could conquer the world in an “oh so effortlessly cool” kinda way. In fact, I was dying to see the pieces up close and personal and was thrilled when the good people at Louis Vuitton said I could visit their showroom the next day to touch, feel and even try on the pieces. I was actually feeling as sick as a dog after the show thanks to the cold and rainy weather, but there was no way I was going to miss that chance.

The clothes were even more beautiful up close, with so much attention to detail in each piece. I especially loved the leather jackets, lush fur pieces and of course, the blinged out Petite Malle.

All I can say is Louis Vuitton ended Paris Fashion Week with a bang indeed.


Hairstylist : Shaun Yap | Hairplay